Why use large plants in the landscape?

Large trees and shrubs add instant beauty to a project, immediately enhance curb appeal, show a mature “finished” look, and provide immediate shade and/or screening.

How long will it take to plant a tree?

It typically takes from 1-2 hours to install a new tree on your site. However, it may take anywhere from an hour to several days to prepare and transport trees to a new site.

Can I pick out my own tree?

Yes! Please contact us to set up an appointment to tour the farm and choose your tree.

Can a tree be moved this time of year?

Yes! Although we try to avoid moving trees in 95+ degree heat, with only a few exceptions, trees can be moved year round with the proper preparation and aftercare.

What kinds of trees are available?

Please visit our “Tree Availability” page or call the office for more information on availability and pricing.